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*Swar Vigyan Crash Course*

Every person takes his life-giving air through the nasal nostrils, exhales this air is called inhalation and exhalation respectively. The detailed knowledge of the speed and nature of this breath and exhalation is called swara.

After doing this workshop, you will understand:

Swar Vigyan Crash Course

  • Introduction to Swar Vigyan
  • Features of Swar Vigyan phonology
  • Benefits and functions of Swar Vigyan
  • How to start the day through Swar Vigyan?
  • Works of Ida
  • Works of Pingla
  • Works of Sushuma
  • knowledge of Swar Vigyan as per Tithi
  • methods of changing the Swar Vigyan
  • And a lot more.....

💰NOTE - Course is in HINDI

💰You will get Certificate, PDF and Recording Valid for 1 year

💰Full Course Fees 499/-

For more information Whatsapp or Call on 810856264

Swar Vigyan Course

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