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*स्वप्न शास्त्र*

जानिए स्वप्न और उनका अर्थ (Know your dreams and their meaning)

Dreams come to everyone. Every Dreams has its meaning and its benefits. There are 2 types of dreams, one which we see in deep sleep after sleeping, the other one which we think for our golden future. Dreams are those which are not real, but an idea that we want to see in the future. The dreams we see in our sleep are related to our life somewhere.

तो जानिए अपने सपनो के बारे में (So know about your dreams)


स्वप्न क्या होते हे? ( What is Dreams)

स्वप्न क्यों होते हे (Why we see Dreams)

स्वप्न का भेद (Different types of Dreams)

शुभ स्वप्न (Good Dreams)

अशुभ स्वप्न (Bad Dreams)

बुरे सपनों से बचने के उपरय (Ways to avoid bad dreams)

बुरे, और डररवने सपनों से बचने के उपाये (Remedies for Bad Dreams)

स्वप्नों का मतलब (Meaning of Dreams)

• 2000 से ज़्यादा स्वप्नों के मतलब (Meaning of More than 2000 Dreams)

Fees Rs. 499/-

Conducted by Sacheenkumar Rai

WhatsApp or Call 8108562646

Swapna Shastra Course

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