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*Karmic Cord Cutting Course*

This workshop is designed to help you understand the theory of karma & help you cut all negative karmic cords of this life & past lives.

Karmic healing important so you don't feel stuck in life. Karmic chord cutting uplifts your life energy & makes sure you grow & evolve in all areas of life.

After doing this workshop, you will understand:

  • Karma - types of karmas, it's effect on your life, power of present karma & cleaning of negative past karmas
  • Chord cutting - you will learn how to cut chords with things, people & memories that no longer serve your highest good.  This will bring lots of peace, happiness & healing in your life.
  • What is karmic chord cutting? It's impact & benefits in our life
  • Theory of Karma & Karmic relations
  • Connection between chords & memories
  • Karmic chords & aura
  • Effect of chords on our aura
  • Signs that show you need to cut Karmic chords
  • Stepwise methodology of chord cutting
  • Various Method for Chord cutting.

💰NOTE - Course is in HINDI

💰You will get Certificate, PDF and Recording Valid for 1 year

💰Full Course Fees 499/-

For more information Whatsapp or Call on 810856264

Karmic Cord Cutting Course

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