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*Candle Magic / Remedies Course*


*Topics Cover*

🕯 What is Candle and History of Candle

🕯 Shapes of Candle

🕯 Types of Candle

🕯 Colour of Candle

🕯 Meaning of Different types of Flames

🕯 Meaning of Different types of Smoke

🕯 Cleaning

🕯 Recharging

🕯 Protection

🕯 Candle ritual for Job

🕯 Candle ritual for Money

🕯 Candle ritual for Health

🕯 Candle ritual for Relationshiop

🕯 Candle ritual to remove negativity

🕯 Candle ritual for Luck

🕯 Candle ritual for Business

🕯 And many more….

🕯 Question and Answer

Course Conducted by Sacheenkumar Rai

NOTE – Course is in HINDI (PDF in Hindi and English)

You will get Certificate, PDF and Recording (Recording Valid for 1 year)

💰 Full Course Fees Rs. *999/-*

📞 For more information, Whatsapp or Cal on *8108562646*

Candle Remedies Course

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