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🌷 *Bach Flower Remedies Course* 🌷


🪻 Introduction to Bach Flowers

🪻 Significance of Flower frequencies

🪻 How to make your own remedy?

🪻 Bach Flower grouping and dosage

🪻 How to select and take the remedies

🪻 Remedies for overcoming FEAR -

🪻 Cure frightful feelings

🪻 Speak clearly and overcoming shyness

🪻 Gain control of your own thoughts and actions

🪻 Stop fear from haunting you

🪻 Be fearless that nothing will happen to your loved ones

🪻 Remedies for overcoming UNCERTAINTY -

🪻 Trust your own judgement

🪻 Improve decision-making power

🪻 Feel encouraged and cope with minor delays/difficulties

🪻 Feel the burden of life lighten up, physically and mentally

🪻 Choose the right direction

🪻 Remedies for overcoming INTEREST ISSUES -

🪻 Be grounded and learn to take reality at face value

🪻 Let go of the past experiences and events

🪻 Take responsibility of your own life

🪻 Regain energy, vitality and interest in life

🪻 De-clutter your mind with unwanted thoughts

🪻 Regain your happiness and cheerfulness

🪻 Take advantage of your experiences and learn not to repeat mistakes

🪻 Remedies for overcoming LONELINESS -

🪻Cultivate a warmer relationship with people

🪻 Learn to empathise and understand other well

🪻 Strike a balance between being alone and having a partner

🪻 Remedies for overcoming OVER-SENSITIVITY -

🪻 Communicate your real feelings clearly and without hesitation

🪻 Stop neglecting yourself and help all, including yourself

🪻 Break free from old ties and welcome changes into your life

🪻 Overcome anger and angry thoughts like jealousy, envy, revenge etc.

🪻 Remedies for overcoming HELPLESSNESS -

🪻 Regain self-esteem and confidence

🪻 Be content with your own efforts and results

🪻 Take up responsibilities as a challenge to grow

🪻 Stay hopeful even in unbearable moments

🪻 Overcome trauma, loss of loved one, and come out of it

🪻 Forgive yourself for any misfortune and progress forward

🪻 Strike balance between work and life

🪻 Appreciate the beauty within you and harness the same

🪻 Remedies for overcoming OVER-CARING NATURE -

🪻 Learn to be encouraging, supportive and reasonable

🪻 Calm your mind and put smart efforts

🪻 Respect other people’s views and ideas

🪻 Accept others for their best version of themselves

🪻 Be reasonable with yourself and stop expecting too much

🪻 The Rescue Remedy combination and Crisis Formula

🪻 Bach Flower Remedies for pregnant ladies, children, pets

Course Conducted by Sacheenkumar Rai

You will get Certificate, PDF and Recording (Recording Valid for 1 year)

💰 Full Course Fees Rs. *1499/-*

📞 For more information, Whatsapp or Cal on *8108562646*

Bach Flower Remedies Course

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