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Frequently Asked Questions on

Vastu Shastra


 01  What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu word means the place for living and Shastra means to make the place ideal for living. An architect can make a house for a living but can’t provide peace, happiness, the process of generating generation, good health and development in all aspect of life.


 02  What are the factors on which Vastu is based?

Vaastu is a combination to Bioenergy force, Gravitational force, the Magnetic field of the earth, Solar energy, Velocity of wind and Cosmic radiation’s.



 03 When should we follow Vastu?

It is best to follow Vastu when purchasing or renting or designing an office, home/house, apartment or plot. You can also use Vastu for any existing structure or even while designing your workplace or home interiors.




 04Can I benefit from using Vastu Shasta without demolishing my Home?

Yes. There are a few very easy adjustments and Remedies. 



 05  When will I notice the benefits of Vastu?

When the elements are balanced in your environment, opportunities will come. It is up to you to utilize these opportunities. Sometimes you may notice some improvements right away.

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