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Mirror Placement

1. Always have Rectangular and Square Mirror 

2. Mirror Should Never Placed in front of Window or Door as all the positive energy will flow outside

3. Mirror should always be placed on North or East wall.

4. It consider bad if mirror is placed on South wall

5. Mirror should not me if front of Bed... It may create health issues.



1. It is considered that Temple should be placed on North East side

2. The face of the Temple should be towards South

3. Temple should not be placed in the Kitchen

4. There should not be repeated Idol in the Temple

5. Temple should be not facing Toilet


Main Door

1. Main Door should be Bigger than all the doors of the house

2. Main Door should be clean and decorated with Torans 

3. The number of doors should be even such as 2, 4, 6 and 8

4. If noise is produced while opening and closing of door then such doors create negativity in the house

5. The creaks in the doors represent poverty

Door 2.jpg


1. There should be single bed for couples in the bedroom, if two bed join it with single bedsheet

2. Bedroom should be clutter free

3. There should be no beam on the sealing above the bed

4. There should be pleasant images or photos in the bedroom

5. Radha Krishna image in the bedroom considered as good for couples


Dressing Room

1. Dressing room should be made in the North of the house

2. There should be plenty of light in the Dressing room

3. Mirror should be place on North or East wall in the Dressing room

4. In the Dressing room Mirror should be Rectangular or Square in shape.

5. In a room, do not place two Mirrors in the opposite to each others.

Dressing room.jpg


1. Kitchen should be in South East Direction

2. Utensils should be clean in the night itself because stall utensils create negativity in house

3. During cooking women's face should be East facing

4. Kitchen Dust-bin should be place in North-East side of the Kitchen

5. It is consider good if there is window on East or North East facing in the Kitchen



1. The slop of floor of bathroom should be towards North or East

2. Colour in the bathroom should be White, Cream and light Blue\

3. Avoid Bathroom in front of Kitchen

4. While bathing,try your face should be East or North directions

5. Leaking taps should be repair fast to avoid unwanted financial loss



1. Toilet should not be in front of Kitchen

2. While sitting in toilet face should be in East direction

3. Avoid Marble or Black colour stone in Toilet

4. Toilet walls can be light, pleasing and attractive colours such as White and light sky Blue

5. Avoid leak tap in the toilet, it invites bad luck


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