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Vasturai is a pioneer in bringing affordable and advance vastu solutions and spreading wellness to improve your surroundings and environments. We are upcoming Vastu Consultancy in Mumbai. We have been associated with this science since last 8 years. We consult almost every sector like Vastu for Home, Vastu for Apartment, Vastu for Offices, Vastu for Shop, Vastu for Plot, Vastu for Hospital, Vastu for Hotel, Vastu for Restaurant, Vastu for Factories, Vastu for Bungalow and Vastu for Institute. Our Mission is to empower and to guide you by enhancing your surroundings and environments what it means to fully experience and manifest abundance in all areas of your life, and to help you make your dreams come true. 

Vision :
We are committed to improving your lifestyle by providing honest, affordable, effective and innovative solutions. And to achieve excellence in providing our services globally.

Mission :
To empower you – to teach you what it means to fully experience and manifest abundance in all areas of your life, and to help you make your dreams come true.

Adv. Sonali Rai

Founder, Vastu Expert & Spiritual Teacher and Healer


Sonali Rai, Spiritual Teacher and Consultant since 11 years.  She is certified Vastu Expert learn with 3 different Vastu Gurus to gain more knowledge and expertise in this field.   She has done more than 900+ vastu corrections of Residential and Commercial Premises.  She had visited for vastu not only Hindus but Muslims, Bohras, Christians home as well.  With Vastu she is Numerologist, Reiki Grand Master, Tarot card reader, Dowsing, Aura Reader and Meditation.


According to her, a good Vastu consultant is one who studies the issues and problems of his clients thoroughly and delivers responsible suggestions, thus helping the clients live a happy and healthy life. Transparent and effective suggestions that are made without any demolitions or structural changes are a clever way of using Vastu for modern or traditional structures. 


Sacheenkumar Rai

Co-Founder & Spiritual Coach 


Sacheenkumar Rai,  He is a Corporate Real EstateTrainer, Certified Vastu Coach, Certified NLP practitioner, Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Grand Master, Certified Aura Reader, Memory Expert,  Mentalist, Education Counsellor.

Worked with The Times of India, Jetking Infotech, Speakwell, REMI, Habitat Engineering, Greenotech, Nicad, Visiting Faculty at Ram Niranjan Jhunjhunwala College and Guest Faculty at INIFD Vashi. Associated with Swadha NGO for Women’s Health and for Backward Students.

He trained more than 500+ Professional Students like Architect, Engineers, Interior Designers, Real Estate Brokers, Sales and Marketing Team.  More than 900+ Vastu Analysis Pan India.

You will see him Programs like Jyotish Duniya, Astrovani, Astro face 2 

Face shown on Dish TV, Jio Tv, Videocon TV, d2h on Vastu Shastra,

Numerology, Tarot Card, Reiki...

There are times in life when we feel that situation is not in our control and we are not getting what we desire.  Please do not lose confidence, our Vastu consultancy services based on affordable Vastu techniques will give your answer for hope.

Things are simple, don't make it complicated and if it becomes complicated think simple to resolve it - that is the Sacheen's life Mantra.

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